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1/2 H.P. "CPH" Series


High Tensile Gray Iron Pump Bodies with large water cavities for fast, easy priming. Separate priming ports enable quick water fill and the fast evacuation of air. Separate 1/4" tappings are provided for the convenient mounting of pressure/vacuum gauges and the pressure switch, and for pump draining.

BUNA-N Quadraseal is reusable and provides a positive seal between the pump case and motor bracket.

Molded Diffusers are corrosion and abrasion resistant, and provide precision alignment with the impeller for maximum performance. The snap-in diffuser design uses no bolts and is held in place by compression.

All Pipe Plugs and Priming Plugs are coated with a non-hardening, non-toxic, non-corrosive material which allows for easy removal even after the pump has been in service for years.

Standard Shaft Seal with ceramic and carbon face is self-adjusting throughout the seal life. One size fits all models.

Patented Uni-Frame Motor Bracket used on "CPH" models is unique to the water systems industry and is designed to accept any NEMA J motor if motor replacement is ever necessary.

Molded Thermoplastic Impellers on 1/3-1 HP "CPJ" and "CPH" models. Precision balanced, these impellers are ultra-smooth for high efficiency. 1 1/2 HP "CPJ" models feature brass impellers.

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